Behind Story of ‘Dining Table’

Hello there 😀

I’ll share about ‘something’ about dining table in my house. But, this is not about horror story or something like that :p

Many people said I don’t know exactly who LOL that dining table is magical place that can gather the family in one table. When I first heard that, ah I can’t believe it 100%. But, this is the true fact!

At morning, family have breakfast togerther in one table, also like lunch and dinner. So, family always meet each other.

It’s different from my family. My dad and my mom are very bussy. My dad works in other city and will come back once a week. So I just meet with him, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Poor me.

And it happen everyday, at morning we meet each other in dining table. But, usually I haven’t breakfast.

At noon, I have lunch in my school and then go to course till evening. So I have dinner in my own room, also my sister do it same with me.

But, the miracle come to our family LOL. Hho. At fasting mounth, we always meet each other and have sahur together in one table. And then when open fasting we each other again in one table.

So, do you belive about the magical of dining table?

Me? Of course YES. Ask your heart to know the aswer.

hhi 😀



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