Have you ever feel lost something in your life? Something important.

And maybe it’s a half part of your soul.

And you’ll realize that you really need them after they disappeared..

You’ll miss their smile whenever you smile by your self..

You’ll need their shoulder whenever you cry by your self..

You’ll regret when you always fight with them, and there’s no one who want fight with you after they leave..

And  I feel this, I feel lost something important in my life. I miss my sister 😦

Since she was a student at a university in bandung no longer live in this house with me, in same house exaclty and in same room.
I used to be happy, right? Yes, I’m happy. I feel sad too.
She is only one who wanna hear me well.
She is only one who wanna cry and laugh with me.
She is only one who can keep my secret.
Although sometime we always fight and always no talking each other. She always says that she wanna leave this house and get her life.
Ah, that’s make me sad badly.
A couple of people think that we are twins.
Because we are very close, but I dont kwon why they guess we are twins.
At last,  I just hope you’ll be fine and healt always. Then, always remembers about me and family.
And I hope you miss me, like I miss you so much.

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