I Miss You..

When I miss you, I only have to click “My Favorites“, and I know why I should miss you. I never imagined this site would be read thousands of eyes. And they came especially to see about you. They never stop telling me how they love you and support you.

It was a very long time since I first got ‘Hello‘ from you. And I didn’t even dare to greet you, even if only ‘Hay‘.

I’m sure you will become ‘something’ one day. and right now you might have to break away from my little world. World of your imagination.

I regret having lost two months since the first time I know you, maybe we can be friends right now.

I can still remember your voice clearly in that morning, singing. Silence. I Even still clearly remember our short conversation. I miss it. I want to go back in that time, 06.12…

Maybe I was a little ‘forgotten part’ of step of your life. I was nothing. I may be stupid to write about you here. Sorry. And thank you has been one of my writing motivator and my writing inspirator.

I miss you, badly Boy..

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