August Ends..


It’s been a long time since the last time I posted here. Yeah, It’s a month ago. So, where am I? I’m hiding. Kkkk~

Too much story to tell, and less time I have. Um sounds arrogant. Sorry 😀 But, yes. I (always) no have enough time to stay here. Um well, I had enjoyed my looooong holiday. 3 months. And that was crazy! Yup totally crazy. I have 3 months free day and I can’t gave you at least one day? 

You have to know, I just sleep when others wake up. And I stay all night long when others sleep. I was official zombie since that time. I know that was a bad bad bad bad habit. And my Dad nagging at me about that thing, almost e-ve-ry-day! He got angry to me, when I woke up at (about) 2 or 3pm. And I missed a lot thing in the morning.

So, maybe this is! I just can gave you something little 😀 Yup, at least I say hi to you before August ends. Kkkk~

Here the latest photo of mine. Good night~Image



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