One What? One Direction!

The first thing that I want to do when I’m home is write everything down in my lovely blog. I just met One Direction! On cinema, I mean. Kekekeke~

YAP! One Direction Movie : This is Us.

Actually I have a little thing to be afraid. I’m afraid if I’m home from watched that movie, I’ll be their fan. To be honest, I only enjoy their song not as fan. I know everyone at the band, but I don’t ship anyone.

Couple days ago before I’m going to watch that movie, I watched their story from audition until the last show in X-Factor on YouTube. And I just realized how charming Louis is. For a year I only noticed the one who is too handsome for me, Harry!

my luwi

And, the time is coming! I can’t put off my smile on my lips. They are too cute! Adorable! Perfect!

I really enjoyed the movie. In some parts I almost cry like baby. I can’t imagine how can one simply audition couple years ago could change their whole live! And being loved by everyone in this world. Include me!

Oh yeah, have I mention that the movie is 3D? YES. I saw Louis and the boys sang in front of me. And I should tell you the effects on the movie are very good. So what are you waiting for?! It’s really worth it for you although you are not one of their fans.

And the thing that I afraid is happen! I’m being their fan. Congratulation One Direction, you just added one more fan. Hehehe


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