Am I in Love?

That’s the question that I don’t know the answer. Let’s found out then! I have an article about how to know the signs that you’re falling in love. So, kalau jawaban mendekati sempurna (1o/10), tandanya aku bener-bener lagi jatuh cinta *senyum mesem-mesem*. Well, this is it!

1. You forget to eat.

Super telltale. Forgetting to eat means you’re not only distracted, but that you also want that person more than you want food, so you forget all about it.

My Answer : YES!

Bener banget, awalnya ngira aku lagi sakit. Karena dua hari aku gak mau makan. Cuman minum dan makan dikit banget. Nyoba buat makan, langsung kenyang bahkan cuman ngeliat makanannya. Dan, gak mau makannya keulang beberapa kali dan beberapa hari. Ternyata.. I want him more than I want food, uuuh sounds cheesy! hahaha

2. You catch yourself smiling.

A little love in your system can surprise you so much, you can’t help but smile. It’s half because you feel so good, and half because you’re laughing at yourself.

My Answer : Aku udah kayak orang tolol. Jangan ditanya. YES! 

Aku udah kayak orang tolol. Jangan ditanya.

3. You can’t look at the person.

Suddenly, it’s impossible to hold a decent conversation with the object of your affection, because you’re afraid if you look them in the eye, they’ll be able to tell you’re melting for them inside. A good trick: talk to their forehead.

My Answer : umm.. YES! 

4. You think about them when you’re getting dressed in the morning.

Don’t pretend you’ve never done it. You start analyzing whether he or she would like the blue shirt better, and putting a little more effort into your hair. No harm done!

My Answer : can I say YES for 100 times? YES YES YES!

5. You realize you miss them when they’re not around.

If you’re used to seeing the object of your affection at work or class and then one day they’re not there, you’ll feel like your whole day was wasted.

My Answer : malu ngakuinnya, sih. Tapi YES!

6. You get jealous about odd things.

You find out they saw a movie last night and now you are enraged. Why didn’t they think to invite you? Who did they go with?? Your ears turn red as you try and mask your jealousy.

My Answer : harus banget dijawab, ya? Ini sih YES!!!!

7. You’ve pictured what your children would look like.


My Answer : puahahahaha~ nggak kepikiran sampe itu. Tapi oke juga tuh kalo dipikirin. So, for now NO!

8. People say you’re glowing.

The feeling of being in love is physical, and like laughter, it can have healing, rejuvenating benefits. This is one of the reasons it’s okay to revel in your feelings, even if they’re for the wrong person — just don’t make any stupid mistakes.

My Answer : Yesss! Couple of my friends said that.

9. You’ve suddenly become Donna Reed.

Male or female, you start bringing cookies and brownies to share with the office or class, and you glance to see that the object of your obsession has noticed. And, you keep your apartment neat and tidy in case they might come over — these are definitely signs you’re falling.

My Answer : poin pertama sih, yes. Poin selanjutnya, no. So, HALF YES!

10. You can’t concentrate on work.

Maybe even as you read this article, you’ll glance and realize that half an hour has gone by. That’s because you’re daydreaming. And you are in looo-oooove.

My Answer : HAHAHAHAHAHHA.. Okay. YES!

Jumlah jawabannya adalaaaah.. jeng jeng jeng (8 1/2 // 10) Waw. Okay, anggap aja aku lagi jatuh cinta HAHAHAHA.


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