I (am about to) Give Up on You

Hey you.. Yes you, who owns my whole heart but now you break it into many pieces. But, look what I do! I collect them back one by one and keep liking you..

Yesterday, was a wonderful year. We getting closer day by day. Actually, what should I prepare from the start is, you’ll hurt me someday. Maybe not you who’ll hurt me, but my feeling towards you who’ll kill me slowly.

You are such a nice guy. I know it. You funny and annoying at the same time. I love it. You make me falling in love everyday. I hate it.

The more I like you, the more It’ll hurt me. Like today..

I’m about to give up on you, boy. I’m not give up on you. I’m about to..

It was like I wasted my whole year to get your attention, to get your glance, to get your smile and to get your hello. But, the truth is, it was an amazing year. It was a happy yet tired journey.

Thanks for being my mood booster, boy. Thanks for always made my day. Thanks for came, and being part of my story. Thanks for the opportunity you gave to me to being your close ‘friend‘.

Good bye for now.. I (am about to) give up on you.


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