El. De. Er.

Did I ever mention that I love my dad so much? Well, I love him with all my heart. Every girl in entire world will agree that Dad is her first love. Some of you might just use that sentence for Dad’s day greeting card. Haha, mungkin.But.. For me Dad is my everything. Dad is my super hero. We’ve been through ups and downs this cruel world together. Especially when the storm happened in our family about 9 years ago.

Dad told us that everything is gonna be okay. Nine years ago, I wasn’t this close to him. Every child hanging around with their mother. Right? So like I did nine years ago.

That time was our turning point. Semuanya berubah. Like everything. Since that day, Dad promise us that he will be took care of us, and will be loved us with all of his heart.

Dad keeping his promise. He’s doing his best for making us happy. Ayah memberikan kecukupan kepada kami. Ayah menguntai doa demi kebaikan kami. Ayah mendukung setiap keputusan kami. I don’t what will happen without him..

He never shy to express his love to us. I love when he rub my hair, pat my head, and then call me ‘sayang’.

Today.. This morning, I just got a text from him. He said ‘sayang, I’m gonna move to Banjarmasin next month.’

In first second I was smile like puppy. Another moving. Yes, we did that ‘moving’ from one city to another city even before I wasn’t born yet. 

But.. I just realized something. Banjarmasin-Bandung-Tasik has really long distance. We’re gonna beapart by a huge sea. It’s not like Semarang-Bandung-Tasik anymore. This is Banjarmasin.

And.. I cried.

I was happy but I was sad in the same time. Dad, we’re not gonna meet as often as now. Aku nggak bisa bayangin bakal jauh-jauhan sama Ayah. Semarang-Bandung-Tasik pun cuman bisa ketemu weekend dan itupun kalau aku lagi di rumah.

Banjarmasin? I just.. Don’t. Know.. 😦

Kita pernah tinggal di tanah Kalimantan, dan aku ga pernah nyangka Ayah bakal balik lagi kesana. Sendiri.

Well, dad.. Take care. See you at home.

Your always little girl..

De vita.

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